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  • Medicine –Medical translation requires a high degree of technical skill, which is why we only work with the most proficient medical translation professionals to make sure every document is medically accurate.
  • Physics -Physics translation takes special care and attention, which FTMLS provides thanks to our dedicated science translation team.
  • Chemistry –We capture even complex reports, formulas, theories and facts and translate them with perfect accuracy every time.
  • Mathematics –Mathematics might be all about numbers, but it also requires perfect linguistic translation to make sure not a single point is lost. Our experienced mathematics translators are here to help.
  • Architecture –Writing about architecture takes accuracy and a high degree of technical knowledge. Our architecture team makes sure every plan, report or document is translated right, every time.
  • Environment –The environment covers a range of disciplines, sciences and professional interests. Thankfully, FTMLS has the language experts on hand to write about each of them naturally and with authority.
  • Social Sciences –If you’re in the social sciences and need documents translated to another language, our social sciences team is on hand to help.

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