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Renting of Interpretation equipment

Interpretation is becoming an important part of more and more businesses. If you work with colleagues or clients in different locations, interpretation is often necessary to communicate in different languages. From conferences to interviews to events and even meetings, interpretation helps you bridge language barriers and communicate effectively even if all parties speak different native tongues. There are also many businesses who see a lot of clients speaking different languages daily, such as museums or guided tour companies. As well as translation and transcription of guidebooks and brochures, some interpretation is needed for visitors who speak different languages.

We Have The Interpretation Equipment You Need

If you already have interpreters on your staff, but you do not have the required equipment for them to do the best job possible, FTMLS is here to help. We have a range of interpretation equipment available for hire. You can pick your equipment up at our office, or arrange for us to deliver it to you. We only use the most modern up to date equipment and each unit is checked before it goes out, so you can rest assured it is in good working order.

Our equipment rental service is flexible so no matter whether you need one unit or ten, or to hire for an afternoon or six months, we can accommodate you.

A Range Of Equipment To Suit Every Situation

We offer a range of interpretation equipment for hire, including:

IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment offers a high quality digital listening experience that makes it easier for your interpreter to hear the source, and provides a better listening experience for your listeners too. The IR technology means there is no interference from lights, for a seamless interpretation experience.

RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Digital RF (radio frequency) systems are powerful and have a wide range, making them ideal for many types of simultaneous interpretation scenarios, including meetings and conferences. The advanced modulation system and steady carrier channel make for a reliable interpretation system with excellent sound.

Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems

A booth is a key piece of equipment for your interpreters. Our mobile simultaneous interpretation booths are built to meet ISO 4043, the international standard for interpretation booths. Each booth is fully soundproof and features soundproof panelling and double Plexiglas windows, yet is also lightweight and easy to assemble at any site.
Interpretation Headsets and Language Distribution

Good quality headsets are a must, for both your interpreters and your audience. Our digital headsets ensure your interpreter can hear clearly. Then, the interpretation is sent to each receiving headset, allowing each listener to experience a clear, easy to hear interpretation in their own language. Our headsets integrate seamlessly with the interpretation equipment for a user friendly set up.

Image data entry needs

A professional touch, as it can be tricky. Image data entrymayinclude scanning images, and sometimes includes retouching or editing images.Or perhaps you have all your images in digital format, but need help arranging theminto a file system or an image bank.Our professional data entry team has access to a wide range of scanning and imageediting software, which means that no matter what format your images are in, or whatformat you would like them saved as, we can help.We handle your images with care and attention to make sure the end result is exactlywhat your business needs, whether that’s an online image gallery or an image bankfor in-house use.

Text Data Entry

Text data entry is a useful tool for many kinds of business. Whether you are updating client records or tracking a project, text data entry makessure you have all theinformation you need, at your finger tips.Text data entry is also time consuming, which is why so many of our clients enjoyworking with us. We take away the time consuming task of data entry and perform iton their behalf, at an affordable price.Our text data entry service is fast and accurate, ensuring your data is returned to youin the most useful format for your business, with complete accuracy. Our data entryexperts value accuracy above all else and will ensure that every piece of informationyou give us is entered correctly.Our data entry services are available in over 50 world languages, including but notlimited to: English, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Welsh, Spanish andGerman. If you need data entered inmore than one language, or even translatedfrom one language to another, our highly skilled linguists will be delighted to helpyou.If you need data entry, get in touch with us today. We’ll send you a straightforward,affordable quote and talk with youabout how our data entry service can support yourbusiness to grow and thrive.