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Digitization and Scanning services

We live in an increasingly digital world. Our digitalization services help your business to keep up, by taking your paper documents and turning them into digital duplicates. Using quality digitalization services is an investment in your business.

Make Your Business More Efficient With Digitization

Hiring our digitalization agency has many advantages for your business, including:

  • Documents can easily be sent anywhere in the world
  • Documents can be cloned, copied and distributed with ease
  • Documents are easy to update
  • Documents can be shared securely with anyone and you can choose who sees them
  • Documents can be securely stored
  • The information in your business can be centralized so it is easier to keep up to date and easy to access at all times
  • No more time spent dealing with paper trails or waiting for specific pieces of paper to be sent between locations
  • Much less risk of losing or damaging your documents
  • We offer quality scanning services and digitilization to all kinds of businesses.

We Digitize In Over 50 Global Languages

Our professional scanning service and expert digitalization services are available in over 50 worldwide languages. Because we work with a team of translation,interpretation and linguistic experts, we can also translate your documents into other languages, or transcreate them if need be.

When you work with our digitalization agency, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager from our team of digitalization experts, who oversees every aspect of your digitization or scanning projected to ensure you get the high-quality results you need.

Our professional team has access to a wide range of industry leading software,including Across, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Catalyst,

FrameMaker, Idiom, Indesign, MemoQ, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Pro,Microsoft Word, OmegaT,Passolo, Powerpoint, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, STARTransit, Uniscape CAT tool, Wordfast and XTM. No matter what format you need your documents in, we have the tools to handle it.

Our Digitization Services

We offer a range of digitization services, including:

Document Digitization

Our quality digitalization services cover every aspect of digitizing your documents, for a well organized, accessible and user friendly end result.

We start with a thorough assessment of your documents to ascertain the best way of scanning and digitizing them. We take into account the end user experience, working with you to ascertain who should have access to the completed documents.

Our digitization team can advise on and implement the eventual process for viewing, bookmarking, accessing and navigating the finished documents.

Once the goal is established and the best scanning method decided upon, we will set to work quickly and accurately scanning each document and converting it into its final digital form. The result is digitized documents which are not only accurate, but easy for your team to access and use.

Book Digitization

Book digitization is a time consuming task. Our digitalization agency will take it off your hands and transform any book you give us into a readable, user-friendly digital format.

Professional digitalization includes paying attention to the binding of the book and the type of paper used to best decide upon the most efficient scanning and digitization method for your project.

Get in touch with our digitalization experts and tell us all about your book, who it is for, and how and where they are most likely to read it, and we will create a digital version that is easy to read and navigate. We can work with a range of output formats, so you can have your book in the formats that best suit you.

Make your book easy to read for all audiences with our book digitization service. We can even translate it into other languages for you if need be.


Our Digitization Services.We offer a range of digitization services, including:

Document Digitization

Our quality digitalization services cover every aspect of digitizing your documents, for a well organized, accessible and user friendly end result.

If you have a manuscript that needs to be translated into a digital document, our expert digitization team is on hand to help you. Professional digitalization is suitable for even delicate manuscripts for a sharp, user friendly output.

Whether your manuscript is text only or contains text and pictures, our team will create a faithful digital reproduction with a focus on quality and clarity.

If your manuscript needs to be bookmarked or made easy to navigate in just a few clicks, we can do that too. Just let us know about your manuscript and how you intend the digital version to be used, and we’ll take care of the rest.