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E-learning Services

E-learning is a powerful tool for any business or institution. E-learning offers an accessible way to deliver educational content. Whether you are teaching a course or want to encourage your employees to learn brand new skills, E-learning is the most effective way to do it.

However, crafting E-learning materials takes time and money. Without the right software and technical know-how, creating E-learning courses quickly becomes time consuming – time that is better spent working on core tasks. FTMLS creates the E-learning solutions you need, at a price you can afford.

How E-Learning Boosts Your Success

E-Learning is a cost effective way to deliver training materials, educational materials, and more. Whether you are looking to teach language, offer instructional videos, instruct employees in vital processes, or anything else you can think of, E-Learning helps you get your message across clearly.

High quality E-learning resources deliver information in an engaging educational format, which translates to better sales and increased productivity for your business.

E-Learning isn’t bound by time difference or geographic locations, making it much easier to reach the people you need to reach, at a time that suits them.

Our E-Learning Specialities

We specialize in providing e-learning solutions for


We understand that big corporations need to communicate a lot of information while keeping the e-learning materials accessible and engaging for their employees. We focus on improving employee performance by creating e-learning solutions that are tailor made for your company, and your team.


We know that banks have specific e-learning needs. Banking information is frequently complex. Our e-learning experts break this information down into easy to read chunks that promote learning and understanding. We know how important it is that your employees are practical and detail oriented in their work, with a solid foundation in financial knowledge. We deliver that knowledge in a way that equips your team to do their best work for your bank.

Small Businesses

We understand that small businesses are often on a tight budget, and yet still need to train employees effectively. When you’re running a small business, it’s vital that every person in your team understands your core business tasks and values, as well as having a thorough grasp of their own role. We carefully craft e-learning solutions that are made with your team and your educational needs in mind.

Training Institutes

We know that training institutes need high quality e-learning solutions covering a wide range of topics and learning goals. We work with linguisitic experts who are experienced in many different training topics. No matter what your training subject and goals, we will put together a professional and powerful e-learning solutions for you.

Our Experts Take Your Goals Seriously

We only work with skilled E-learning experts who have the knowledge to translate your ideas into powerful and effective online learning materials.

You will be matched with an experienced project manager who works in partnership with you to understand your goals. Our team creates tailor made E-learning resources that are crafted to support your company goals.

We only work with the most up to date professional software, including Across, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Catalyst, FrameMaker, Idiom, Indesign, MemoQ, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Pro, Microsoft Word, OmegaT, Passolo, Powerpoint, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, STAR Transit, Uniscape CAT tool, Wordfast and XTM.

E-Learning That Speaks To Your Audience

The key to success with E-Learning is producing materials that connect with your audience. We work with you to understand the learning needs and styles of your target audience, to better fit the materials to the student.

Effective learning is enjoyable and communicates with the learner at their level. Our emphasis is on high quality materials that are designed to be interactive and engaging.

If you need your materials in more than one language, no problem. We have a team of linguistic experts skilled in over 50 worldwide languages on hand to translate your materials into as many languages as you need.

Mobile Solutions For Learning On The Go

Your audience is busy. Let our experts help you reach them no matter where they are with mobile solutions for learning on the go. A mobile platform is the ideal way to deliver training in a way that supports your audience’s needs and makes it easy for them to learn at a time and pace that suits them.

Our skilled E-learning experts can advise you on the best mobile learning platform for your needs. We design and build your mobile learning solution from start to finish. Our rigorous testing process ensures that we only deliver the very highest quality to you and your audience.

Do you have a global audience? Our expert interpretation teams can translate your mobile learning materials into over 50 worldwide languages, including natural, native dubbing and voiceover.

Games and Apps Make Learning Fun

Learning is more effective when it’s enjoyable. That’s why we work with e-learning experts who are experienced in building games and apps to facilitate learning.

Gamification is a fairly new concept – and a very exciting one! By letting learners work for rewards or compete against other team members, we can create exciting and interactive learning environments that learners look forward to logging in to.

We only work with the most up to date software, and we can translate your learning games and apps into any major world language so you can reach learners all over the globe.

Micro Learning For Big Ideas

There’s no doubt about it – people’s attention spans are getting shorter. Your learners are frequently busy and have a lot of things on their mind. Carving out the time and mental space for effective learning is a challenge for many people.

Micro learning is the solution. Micro learning means transmitting your ideas in bite size chunks that are easy for learners to read, digest, and understand. Micro learning is quick, easy and fun for learners and lets them learn at their own pace. It’s ideal for even short attention spans and busy learners.

In order to be effective, micro learning materials need to break concepts down into manageable pieces without losing any of the core information. Our e-learning experts are skilled at creating micro learning materials that communicate even the biggest ideas in a short and easy to understand bursts.

Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor-Led Solutions

The right instruction is key to success with E-Learning. If your project needs real-time teaching and feedback, we will match you with the ideal tutor for your subject and learners. For some businesses, this adds a personal touch and boosts engagement in a powerful way that you simply cannot afford to do without. E-Learning gives your learners access to a knowledgeable instructor with no worries about geographical distance.

For some projects, virtual instructor-led solutions are the best match for your needs. Virtual instructor-led doesn’t include a teacher, but rather relies on video, multimedia, webcams and more. The result is a dynamic peer-based learning method that is powerful and engaging, and cost effective for your business.

Whatever your E-Learning needs, our experienced Solution Architects are on hand to create the most effective solutions for you. We test and re-test every element for a high quality solution that meets your learners’ needs.

Social Learning To Boost Engagement

Social learning theory states that people may learn better by watching and observing others. Our tutor-led and virtual intstructor-led programs make use of social learning by way of demonstrations, focus groups, walk throughs and more.

Our team works with you to create social learning materials that help your learners grasp new information by watching others perform the same tasks.

Analytics Help Us Understand Your Learners

We understand that guesswork just isn’t good enough when it comes to assessing your learners and the effectiveness of your e-learning materials. That’s why we work with high quality analytics to understand learner performance and learner needs.

We use learner profile data to understand your learners’ needs and build solutions that are made with them in mind. Then, when the solution is ready to go live, we monitor learner activity and results to help us understand the effectiveness of the solution. We then work with this data to make any tweaks necessary for maximum results.

No matter what you need to teach, we have an e-learning solution for you. Contact us today for a clear all-inclusive quote.