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Desktop Publishing

Every document you produce and print says something about your business. That’s why professional grade desktop publishing matters. Skilled desktop publishing gives you documents that look good and get your message across clearly.

If you want to reach out to customers or colleagues in other countries, your current printed materials might not be suitable. Perhaps they’re in the wrong language, or the layout doesn’t work well for your new target audience.

FTMLS is here to help. Our desktop publishing team includes experienced designers, publishers and typesetters who are fluent in a wide range of global languages. Your documents will look professional, and the language will be accurate, natural and readable.

We can work with you on any desktop publishing project, no matter how big or small. We assist with: Brochures , Catalogs , Training manuals , Flyers , Mailers , Letters , Magazines And more.

Natural Language That Speaks To Your Audience

We understand that translation is more than just picking out words. Good translation involves interpretation of the source materials for a finished product that captures your message perfectly in natural local language.

Our team of language experts are skilled native speakers who will ensure everything we write for you reads perfectly in your target language. We understand your meaning and express it in any language you choose.

Powerful Tools For Professional Results

Our expert typesetters and designers have access to all the latest industry standard software. Whatever you need, we produce professional-standard documents in any format. Our suite of tools includes:

Microsoft Word

The industry standard word processing tool for all your word processing needs. Word files are widely read and recognized by most computer systems, making it the ideal tool for writing and sharing the written word. PowerPoint: When you need to make a visual impact, PowerPoint is the ideal tool. PowerPoint is widely recognized as a valuable tool for creating presentations on any subject. Our team work with PowerPoint to design and typeset slide presentations to get your point across.


When you need to make a visual impact, PowerPoint is the ideal tool. PowerPoint is widely recognized as a valuable tool for creating presentations on any subject. Our team work with PowerPoint to design and typeset slide presentations to get your point across.

Adobe InDesign

The industry leading desktop publishing solution. Adobe InDesign is a powerful desktop publishing solution that can be used for everything from a simple flyer to a full length book. Files created in InDesign are suitable for digital media as well, making it ideal for both print and online books, leaflets, flyers, and more.

Adobe Illustrator

The right graphics are a vital part of any desktop publishing project. We use Adobe Illustrator, a powerful vector graphics creation software. Our design experts use Illustrator to create crips, professional, eye catching graphics to any project.

Adobe Photoshop

When we need to create raster graphics we use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop makes a powerful complement to Illustrator, ensuring that our design team can produce any graphics you need. Photoshop is the ideal tool for creating or editing graphics for your project.

Adobe FrameMaker

Handling the layout and editing of large scale documents is a challenge. Thankfully our team is easily able to meet that challenge thanks to our use of Adobe FrameMaker. FrameMaker is a document processor with all the tools needed to edit, write and lay out any size of document.

Adobe PageMaker

PageMaker is Adobe’s original desktop publishing solution and a forerunner of most commercially available destop publishing software. It’s still as powerful and relevant to day, and our team uses PageMaker to create documents and take your project from idea to print ready.


AutoCAD (CAD stands for Computer Aided Design) is widely recognized as a leader in computer design technology. AutoCAD assists our designers in drawing and drafting in both 2D and 3D for a high quality professinal output.

Our team also has access to Across, Adobe Acrobat, Catalyst, Idiom, MemoQ, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Pro, OmegaT, Passolo, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, STAR Transit, Uniscape CAT tool, Wordfast and XTM. In short, our experts are able to meet any file format, output or document need

Professional Document Localization

Every region and every audience is different. That’s why we work with language experts from around the world to translate and publish your documents in over 50 native languages.

Our professional linguists pay attention to tone, inflection, idioms, common expressions and more for a finished product that is perfectly tailored to the reader, no matter where in the world they are.

Send Us The Files and We’ll Do The Rest

We understand the importance of getting the right look and feel for each document. Simply send us the source files and we will recreate your original design. Everything looks exactly as you want it, and is translated to any language you need. Our typesetters, linguists and desktop publishing experts work together to create a print-ready high quality document.

Every project we run is managed from start to finish by a specially appointed project manager. No matter what you need, day or night, our 24/7 customer service specialists are on hand to answer any questions you have and update you on the progress of your project.

We can publish any document in any language. Get in touch today for a straightforward quote.