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  • Art –from art galleries to dealers and everyone in between, art translation needs to be accurate without losing the spirit of the original text. FTMLS is on hand to make sure the context is perfect.
  • Fashion –the fashion industry is packed with passion and personality. Our skilled linguists make sure the heart of the message stays strong no matter what language we translate into.
  • History –capture the events, dates, watershed moments and nuances of history thanks to our team of skilled history translators.
  • Archeology –archeology translation takes attention to detail and an awareness of the importance of archaeological language, and accuracy. FTMLS ensures every translation meets your standards.
  • Literature –translating literature is about more than just words. Cadence, tone and meaning are all vital. Our team carefully translates literature in a way that conveys not only the meaning but the personality and message too.
  • Music –writing about music is interesting in any language. Our professional music translation team can cover anything from CD inserts to concert programs to web content or educational materials.
  • Cookery –translating cookery writing or recipes from one language to another takes skill and attention. Our cookery experts are here to make sure your cookery texts work right the first time in any language.
  • Religion –we understand that religious writing needs careful attention and a gentle touch to make sure the spirit of the text shines through after translation.

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